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Understanding LEED For Homes Version 4 (V4) Recorded Webinar Series

LEED for Homes version 4 (V4) will be in full swing October 31st 2016 but it’s important to get started early on understanding the updates from 2008. In anticipation of this we have teamed up with […]

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AES’s New Name: GreenHome Institute

The Grand Rapids based non-profit, formerly the Alliance for Environmental Sustainability, has changed their name to the GreenHome Institute.  ​When it comes to sustainability, health, and energy efficiency in our homes, there are so many different […]

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Support Us. Join Us. Sponsor Us.

Support Us Our mission is to empower people to make healthy and sustainable choices in the renovation and construction of the places we live. Do you or your company support this concept? Join Us We are seeking those […]

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Partnership with Blue House Energy for Online Training

Since the economic downturn, the green building industry has lost many weatherization experts and the GreenHome Institute can see an opportunity to redevelop the market. We are excited to announce a partnership with Blue House Energy, a […]

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Wege Foundation Funds Green Affordable Housing

In 2015, the GreenHome Institute (GHI) will also be continuing their work with affordable housing developers by replicating a very successful program delivered in partnership with their Chicago office and USGBC Illinois. The Wege Foundation will be […]

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