Intro to LEED for Homes V4 – What is the difference? Webinar
March 17, 2015, No Comments

LEED Building Design and Construction for Homes version 4 (V4) is in many ways different than the previous 2008 version. ...

RH PV roof shot
MI Solar works in Muskegon – Project update
March 4, 2015, Comments Off

Hesselink Installation – Completed May 19, 2014 – Update January 2015 Why?  Someone has to take a risk and star ...

Better Buildings. Better Business. B4 Conference – Sign up!
February 1, 2015, Comments Off

Position yourself as a market leader. The economy is recovering, more people are remodeling or building new homes, tech ...

Rural Homes can be Green too!
January 5, 2015, Comments Off

Sometimes in the Green Building world we look to the urbanization of homes and buildings to improve location efficiency ...

Chicago’s 1st GreenStar Certified Home
January 5, 2015, Comments Off

Featured on the 2014 GreenBuilt Home Tour in Chicago this GreenStar Type 1 gold certified remodel features a completely ...

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Understanding LEED For Homes Version 4 (V4) Recorded Webinar Series
November 24, 2014, Comments Off

LEED for Homes version 4 (V4) will be in full swing October 31st 2016 but it’s important to get started early on u ...

Support Us. Join Us. Sponsor Us.
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Support Us Our mission is to empower people to make healthy and sustainable choices in the renovation and construction o ...

Holland Partners with GHI for Home Energy Education
November 23, 2014, Comments Off

The GreenHome Institute trains and executes home energy audits in partnership with the West Michigan Environmental Actio ...

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Partnership with Blue House Energy for Online Training
November 23, 2014, Comments Off

GreenHome Institute has partnered with the Blue House Energy to deliver to deliver convenient online education that ear ...

Wege Foundation Funds Green Affordable Housing
November 23, 2014, Comments Off

In 2015, the GreenHome Institute (GHI) will also be continuing their work with affordable housing developers by replicat ...