A Businessman’s perspective in PARRAMATTA, 8 Phillip Street properties by Joe Nahas


Being able to discover the potential of a place especially when it comes to businesses, really changes the lives of the locals and of course the businessmen themselves. This is very true when talking about different buildings and infrastructures being put up in a certain place like Parramatta. The city is set to undergo main developments and improvements in the next five years. Private and public investments, particularly in the property industry are expected to come at a high level.


The Property Development Group of the City of Parramatta leverages and oversees various opportunities that will shape the place into major Central Business District. The city’s CBD occupies eight hectares of land that is very promising for commercial and business transformation. The Council optimizes the growth of the property because this will have a positive effect on the economy as a whole.

Joe Nahas 8 Street

8 Phillip Street in Parramatta which is a 55-storey building that is expected to be completed by 2020 serves as the inspiration of other people in business about the potential of the place. Offering the people with hotel-like accommodation in their units like studios, penthouse and sub-penthouse is an indication of how committed the people are behind all of these properties and developments.


The entrepreneur and capitalist perspective of the city are something that is very positive as shown in the continuous putting up of infrastructures and other public places like the Parramatta Square which will provide world-class destinations that are unique and new. Remarkable public places with exquisite designs will be seen on the outstanding buildings in Australia.


There is also the Macquarie Street car park which is a project delivery agreement of the Council with Toplace. This will further improve the car parking strategy in the place providing an approximate of 700 spaces. The city also has the Lennox Bridge car park that will be transformed into a riverfront precinct that is of world-class quality. Several amenities and facilities will be enjoyed here by the people like the gym, club floor that includes a lap pool, lounge spaces, barbeque facilities, gardens and the magnificent view of the garden.

8 Philip Street In Parramatta

The viewpoint of business people in Parramatta will continue to be positive as they can unveil the potential of the place when it comes to property development. Being a country to the world’s finest architects, it is no doubt that the city can turn into a center of commercialism and industry.


With 8 Phillip Street as the iconic structure in the area, people will be able to enjoy the luxury and comfort of exquisite residential buildings in the coming years. If you are an entrepreneur or someone looking for investment, Parramatta is the ideal place for you. With the help of Joseph Nahas Constructions, surely you will get the property that you truly deserve.


The most important thing is that you are satisfied with what you get. Being knowledgeable is very important in the process. You do not just randomly pick an agent or company when it comes to this matter. Make sure that it is something like 8 Phillip Street so that you will not have future regrets.