Figuring the MPG of a House
April 17, 2014, No Comments

The Alliance for Environmental Sustainability in GR verifies LEED certification for homes in all price ranges. Jeremy va ...

Elm St. PIC
Indianapolis Restored Home Gets LEED Platinum & Sells Fast!
March 27, 2014, Comments Off

This home located on Elm St. in Indianapolis, IN was an abandoned space, built in 1910, that was bid on for redevelopmen ...

Going Green by Creating an Eco-Friendly Bathroom Scene
March 21, 2014, Comments Off

Written by Chris Long The concept of conservation in the bathroom used to be limited to shutting off the water while br ...

V4 LEED APH Stays!
LEED AP Homes Credential to still remain under version 4
March 6, 2014, Comments Off

I just got this news in an email from the Manger of USGBC Education Partners, Sabrina Morelli – Fantastic news for ...

Washington Ave PIC
Minneapolis Market Rate Midrise 7west is LEED Certified
February 28, 2014, Comments Off

Sustainable architecture is nothing if it’s not deeply rooted in the surrounding community. Whether it’s sculpture ...

Asbestos Exposure and Abatement in Homes
February 14, 2014, Comments Off

Part of the green building revolution involves replacing harmful materials with non-toxic alternatives. The harmful prod ...

LEED for Homes Registrations as of 2013 Q2
LEED Homes: New Energy Pathway & Program Market Share
August 8, 2013, Comments Off

“Starting with the LEED NC program, multifamily adoption of LEED really took off when the LEED for Homes and LEED ...

Little House New Pic
Michigan GreenStar’s First Certified Remodel in Grand Rapids
July 19, 2013, Comments Off

Being the Executive Director at an organization that promotes and trains on residential green building, Brett Little dec ...

Green Your Home: HVAC Systems
July 18, 2013, Comments Off

In this day and age, everyone is crazy for “going green”—which is great, obviously. With all of us pulling togethe ...

Sustainability Photo
College of Saint Benedict Senior Housing, LEED Platinum Certified
July 9, 2013, Comments Off

The Centennial Commons townhouses were designed to be a sustainable part of the college’s landscape. The 32 townho ...

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