Economic Benefits

A recent study by AES (December 2010) shows third-party verified green homes save on average 40% compared with traditionally-constructed homes.    This is good news for builders and homeowners.

Lower Your Energy Costs

The energy-saving features are the hallmark of a certified green home, and can reduce energy consumption by at least 15% compared to a home built to code, and often reduce costs considerably more (average 40% for LEED-certified homes). Certified green homes are built as a system, combining all the components in a home such as insulation, high R-value windows, weather sealing, efficient hot water heating and other features that minimize energy use. Green home owners and building occupants can expect to see lower energy bills and lower water bills.

Lower Your Maintenance Costs

Third party verification further provides accountability ensuring that the home was properly constructed.  It’s human nature to work better when someone is going to be checking the work. This provides piece of mind for green homeowners, and reduces call backs for repairs.

Additionally, certified structures are tightly sealed, well framed, allow maximum air circulation, and use durable, long-lasting materials. This means that building and home maintenance costs over the lifetime of the structure can be greatly reduced – the building is less susceptible to moisture, rot, and mold and requires fewer replacement parts.