Personal Benefits

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

What’s the value of living in a certified green building?

In short, it’s about health, safety and comfort — and knowing that an independent expert has verified key aspects of construction and tested the performance of your home. Your new home or building is an investment, and third-party certification can offer you the personal satisfaction and protection that conventional homes or buildings can’t always provide.

Breathe Healthy Air

Green homes are healthy homes – reducing allergens, and triggers for asthma and chemical sensitivity. On the surface, a green certified building may appear quite similar to conventional code-built structures, but within the shell there’s a significant difference. Many traditionally constructed homes and buildings contain harmful chemicals that have been linked to asthma, allergies, and even cancer.  Green building goes beyond energy efficiency to provide the user with a healthy environment. Certified green structures utilize more sustainable materials, have better ventilation and better moisture control that can keep small particles, allergens and molds out of your indoor environment and ductwork.

Live in Comfort

A key component of a certified green home is energy efficiency. Green homes do not have cold, drafty rooms that are infrequently used, because a properly constructed home has a tight “envelope” that keeps the warm or cool air in and the drafts out, while ensuring that you have plenty of fresh healthy air. This allows you to fully enjoy your home.