GreenStar Home Certification

GreenStar is a homegrown resource developed by regional experts to help you know for certain that your home is green. Not just some of the materials, not just energy efficiency – the whole thing. No guess work required.

Whether you’re remodeling a room, adding addition or building a new home.GreenStar CGH&R CMYK-600

Take the guesswork out of doing the right thing: make it greenstar.

Formerly Minnesota GreenStar (MNGS), they have joined with the GreenHome institute to bring a robust regional renovation & new construction program  to the market. This program ensures healthier, more durable homes that save energy and water thus reducing the cost of living. Greenstar is based on the 5 Pillars of green, Energy, Health, Water, Materials and Place and how these are affected systematically by the 7 components of a home including, Outdoor and Site, Building Envelope and Systems, Mechanicals, Electrical and Lighting, Plumbing Systems and Fixtures, Finish Materials and Coatings and Waste Management.

Why GreenStar Homes Certification? 

The free online tool can generate green scopes of work for contractors, sub-contractors, insulators, HVAC, plumbing, framing and etc. Take the guess work out green and instantly create and edit ready made high performance guidance forms as a homeowner or professional.

Get Certified 

New, existing, additions, single and/or multifamily projects can all qualify for GreenStar certification and help increase the value of your next project. Unlike other program GreenStar is a nonpolitical market driven voluntary program design to educate the market to make homes BETTER.

To get access to the free online checklist just fill out this simple form below. The entire greenstar how to resource manual is available here and there is not hardcopy sold separately.

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  2. Jamie Boyle April 12, 2015 at 5:51 am ·

    Hi there. We are interested in designed our new house (due to be built this year) to obtain green star certification. Do you provide certification in New Zealand?! Could also not access the free online checklist for some reason.
    Regards, Jamie

  3. Brett Little, LFA, LEED APH April 13, 2015 at 7:47 am ·

    Hello Jamie – Great to hear! Email me at

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