Home Based Business Marketing – 4 Easy Steps To Building A Mailing List


Home Based Business Marketing

In your home based business selling and marketing efforts, one of the most valuable pieces of property and online marketing can own a mailing list. Whether you have your products, or not, you can still build a mailing list fairly quickly in the digital world today.


Here are four easy steps to creating a mailing list that anyone can do with a little bit of effort.

1. Use your autoresponder to store names and email addresses. Your autoresponder should also be used to send follow-up messages to the people who are subscribed to it.

The autoresponder is the key to developing a mailing list into a valuable piece of real estate. How you use your autoresponder will be of the utmost importance to the future success of your home based business marketing efforts.

2. Develop a pre-sell page with an opt-in form on it. Many affiliate marketers fall into the trap of sending their traffic directly to their affiliate sales page. Even people who are marketing their products online make the same mistake.

You are much better to use a pre-sell page where you warm your prospect up. You can even put an opt-in form on your pre-sell page and ask your visitors to fill out their name and email address before you send them on to your sales page.

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This is a good way to build your list while warming your prospects up at the same time. The key is to make this pre-sell page as targeted as possible without causing your website visitor to lose interest and leave before they fill out your opt-in form.

3. Your sales page is where you sell your products or affiliate products. This is where your prospects will be sent after they go to your presale page. If you’re utilizing your opt-in form correctly then once they fill the form out you will redirect them to the sales page where they now have a chance to purchase a product from you.

Obviously, your home based business marketing goal is to sell products to make money on the Internet. You do this on your sales page, but if your visitor chooses not to make a purchase on the first visit, you still have their name and email address that you can follow up with your autoresponder.

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Since many people take several exposures to a product before they make a purchase, this gives you an excellent chance to still make a sale in the future if they don’t buy from your sales page right away.

4. Market your pre-sell page like crazy all over the internet. You need to learn how to promote your pre-sell page to get traffic to it. The only way the previous three steps will work is if you are getting visitors to this page.

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These are four home based business marketing tips you can use today to start building your list. If you’re serious about making money in your business, then list building needs to be on the top of your daily priority list… every day.