Tips for choosing a private blog network hosting


Building and maintaining a PBN can be costly and time-consuming. However, if your PBN is building right, then you can get some great use out of it since you can have complete control over your SEO strategy for your money sites. So if you would like to start to build a PBN, one of the first things that you have got to think about in addition to finding a good domain name, is choosing the best hosting for pbn. Your choice of a web host can have a big impact on the success of your PBNs. So here are a bunch of tips to help you decide which company to host your PBNs on.

Tips for choosing a web host for your PBNs

class of IP address

1. Choose a host that offers a unique class of IP address. If your PBNs are hosted and have their unique IP address, they are less likely to be flagged and inspected by Google. So ideally, you should choose a hosting service that will give you Class-C IP addresses.

You will need a class-c IP address because they can serve as a unique vote for your website. When you are building backlinks from the other websites in your network, you need to have unique IP addresses that are registered in your backlinks. This is because those IP addresses will serve as a sort of vote to increase the search rank of your website you get more, unique IP addresses to visit your website, then the higher the SERPs as well.

2. Keep the IP and hosting management of your PBNs simple. If you have got too many login information such as usernames and passwords, you can lose your concentration. It can be hard to focus on building a single PBN with so many different things to focus on. And it could be disastrous if you lose or forget a single piece of login information for one of your PBNs. In order t keep your login information for your PBNs simple, you may want to choose a hosting service that offers a single tool that you can use to manage all of your websites. For example, some hosting companies let you manage several different websites, and even assign them different IP addresses, through a single account.

3. Having your website on an AAA.BBB.CCC IP addresses block range can make it appear more natural. This is because having a different range of IP addresses that check in to your website can make it appears that your PBN networks are unrelated and therefore unique. Google is much less likely to de-index your PBNs if it detects that the block ranges of your IP addresses are different. And it can also be a huge red flag for Google if the block ranges of your IP addresses are all the same. So you have got to choose a hosting service that assigns different IP addresses for your PBNs, or you may also want to host your PBNs on different hosting companies.

Shared Hosting

4. Choose a hosting server that also hosts legitimate websites. If you go for cheap shared hosting services, it may be cheaper, but it is also more dangerous for your PBNs. This is because if you have got bad neighbours sharing your IP address, then your PBN is more likely to get detected by Google. However, if you choose to host your website on the same servers of other legitimately real websites, then your PBN is much less likely to get de-indexed from Google because it was detected and flagged by the search engine.

5. Build your PBN from different locations so that you can make sure that it looks more natural. Having random locations from where each of your PBNs was created can help it appear more authentic to Google. You can lessen the footprint of our PBN when you build it in different locations, so you will need to ensure that you are using an IP address that shows a different location for each of your PBNs.

6. Shared hosting options are cheap and can help you maintain you’re PBNs, while still being able to make a profit off of them. There can be insane deals for PBN hosting if you look for companies that offer shared hosting. There are even deals as low as 5 dollars per year on a single hosted website. With that kind of price, it can be hard to say no to host your PBN on it. However, you have got to make sure that you left no tracks in the creation of your PBN since shared hosting services will give you IP addresses that may be shared along with other PBNs. So your PBN has got to look extra natural if you plan on putting it up using some shared hosting.

7. Check out the uptime and general reliability of your hosting service. Before you buy a hosting plan from a particular company, you have got to make sure that they offer reliable service. This is because unique IP addresses are just one facet of a successful PBN. Uptime and general server responsiveness can also count towards the ranking of your PBNs websites as well.

8. Finally, you should also determine your web hosting needs and budget. If you plan on hosting a lot of websites, such as a large PBN, then you will also need to budget accordingly. The more websites that you plan to host for your PBN, then the more that you will have to pay for the server costs.


You have got to make sure that you follow these tips if you want to keep your PBNs undetectable. With the help of these tips, you are able to reduce your footprints. It would be an awful shame to abandon your PBN just because it has been detected and de-indexed by Google. So if you would like to avoid wasting all of the time and effort you have put into creating your PBNs, then you have got to keep in mind these tips. All of the pros who are behind successful PBNs also follow these tips, so you should also think about doing the same!