Build it LEED

Step 1- Retain Service Provider & Green Rater

Provider Roll

  • Provide access to online file-sharing infrastructure (aka for the project
  • Register the Project on behalf of the project team to ensure accuracy
  • Review of preliminary drawings, building specifications and supporting documents to assist in the preparation of the LEED for Homes Checklist
  • Review of preliminary checklist, durability risk evaluation form and inspection checklist to determine compliance with ID Credits 2.1 and 2.2
  • Approve the green rater and facilitate issues with rater
  • Perform quality control throughout the project certification process
  • Review final project before LEED certification
  • Conference call with USGBC for final LEED certification
  • Administer any Credit Interpretation Rulings (CIR) or Innovative Design (ID) requests
  • Manage and pay certification fee on behalf of the project team
  • Celebrate projects success by telling your story through or social media networks
Number of Units Provider Fee**
Single Family < 1,500 Sq Ft, Gut Rehab or Affordable Housing $600*
Single Family 1,501 – 2,500 Sq Ft $650*
Single Family 2,501 – 5,000 Sq Ft $750*
Single Family > 5,000 Sq Ft* $1,000*
Duplex $600/each unit in one building*
Triplex $550/each unit in one building*
4 – 10 Units multifamily $900 plus $100/per unit**
11 – 20 Units multifamily $1500 plus $100/per unit**
21 – 50 Units multifamily $2000 plus $100/per unit**
51 – 100 Units multifamily $2500 plus $100/per unit**
101 – 199 Units multifamily $3000 plus $100/per unit**
200 + Units multifamily $100 / per unit**

*Discounts apply to non-profit developers, affordable housing or $500.00 for all Habitat for Humanity Projects that are Single Family.
** Gut Rehab Multi-Family projects at 10% off Total or Affordable housing Multi-Family receives 20% off the total.

*** For larger single and/or multi family developments the provider fee cap is $15,000

Please fill out our provider registration form which will allows to accurately identify your project and receive an exact quote. If you have a multi – family project or a large single family development please request a proposal.

Determining whether to go LEED for Homes, Midrise or New Construction based on building # of stories or decentralized HVAC? Click here

Step 2 – Contract & Invoice will be Sent

Once payment is received AES will set up your online file access and invite you, your rater and your project team to collaborate on We will also work with you to secure a local Green Rater if you have not already done so.

Step 3- Pre Construction Plan Review

A plan review must be done prior to construction of home by provider (AES) or your GreenRater. Five components must be completed and uploaded to your project file for AES to begin the plan review. The first four components are all within the LEED for Homes Excel document as a certain tab:

  1. Project summary for Completed LEED for Homes Project (Summary tab)
  2. LEED for Homes Project Checklist (Checklist tab)
  3. Durability Evaluation (Dur Eval Form tab)
  4. Durability Inspection Checklist (Dur Insp Chklst tab)
  5. Floor plans (usually PDFs)After the plan review, any issues regarding the plans and checklists will be e-mailed to the project contact person. A preliminary LEED rating will be given upon review. However, any issues identified must be addressed before completion of project to ensure that the preliminary rating will be achieved.

Step 4 – Registration of Project with USGBC

Single-Family Housing Multi-Family Housing / Midrise Volume PRICING*
Registration Certification Registration Certification
USGBC Silver Member $150 $225 $750 / $900 (Mid) $0.035 / sq. ft. Call Provider or
Non-Member $225 $300 $900 / $1050 (Mid) $0.045 / sq. ft. request a proposal

* Volume Registration 10 or more single family homes or Multi-family Buildings is able to be discounted. (50 + Unit projects for Multi family for certification are $0 .04 (Non Silver Member) & $0.03 (Silver member)

USGBC Registration is done Here. Registration & Certification fees are nonrefundable.

Step 5 – Verification Phase

 At this point, project contact should have a GREEN RATER under contract and be communicating directly with the green rater to schedule site visits and testing as part of the construction schedule.

Definitions: Green Rater – One or more individuals who visit the building site to ensure that the builder adheres to the integrity of the LEED for Homes program. All Green Raters must be approved by AES. There are four required inspections.

  1. Pre Drywall inspection – To verify Thermal By-Pass Checklist and quality of insulation installation. A copy of the Thermal By-Pass Checklist can be downloaded from the EPA at: Search for thermal by-pass checklist.
  2. Envelope leakage – Blower Door test to verify air infiltration rates.
  3. Duct leakage – To verify rate of duct leakage to the outdoors.
  4. HVAC/Refrigeration – Ensures air conditioning has the right amount of refrigerant by weight.
Other site visits required based on level of certification and optional testing contracted with rater.

Step 6 – Post Construction Review

Post construction, aka Final Submittal. Project manager submits final paperwork to AES. Final paperwork is the responsibility of the Green Rater and the exact needs are specified in the AES – Project Team contract that was signed at the start of the project. All documentation will be uploaded to final submittals folders, electronically, no physical paper is to be mailed to AES. If this happens a $100.00 fee will be assessed.

Step 7 – Final Paperwork Submittal to USGBC

 A project is not certified until the certification fee has been paid. AES reviews and submits completed paperwork and check to USGBC for project certification. Ideally the fee was paid to AES upfront, if not, please contact us to get the final fee that must be paid to the USGBC.

Step 8- Conference Call

AES will schedule a conference call with USGBC (the certifying body) to verify the certification. This process takes 5-10 days after Step 7 is completed.

Step 9 – Email Notification that Project is Certified

USGBC sends AES an e-mail notification that project was successfully certified. AES will notify project contact.

Step 10 – USGBC Issues Official Certificate

USGBC sends official certification certificates to AES. Please make sure we have your accurate contact information in which certificates need to be send to. Certificates take 4-5 weeks for arrival from the time notification was issued.

Step 11- Celebrate Project Success

AES is always excited to create post occupancy case studies of successful LEED projects. Please submit to us stories, details, data, cost per square foot, project team information, pictures and anything else relevant to your project. AES will compile a case study and share through our social media channels of 5,000 +