Why build a LEED home?  The video below explains the benefits.

The Triple Bottom Line benefits of LEED

LEED-certified homes bring benefits that help people, the planet, and of course help your pocketbook.  Here’s how:

Healthy People

  • LEED homes are healthy homes – reducing allergens, and triggers for asthma and chemical sensitivity
  • LEED homes use non-toxic materials that lower exposure to mold and mildew
  • LEED homes are thoughtfully designed to eliminate uncomfortable rooms

Environmental Benefits of a LEED home

  • Reduce the impact of a home’s construction
  • Use less energy reducing pollution from fossil fuel sources
  • Use materials more efficiently
  • Integrate into their local environment
  • Improves natural water hydrology

Economic Benefits of a LEED home

  • Durable structures that are built to last, with less maintenance
  • Reduced electricity, natural gas, and water bills
  • Lower heating bills by up to 51% or more in the Midwest
  • Receive 5% insurance discounts
  • Increases appraised property value and real estate listing time on market
  • May receive incentives such as building permit rebates

> LEED Homes help People, Planet and Profit!

Cost of building a LEED Home

Some costs are soft costs such as a devloper or project team’s learning curve and may be dependant on experience with quality building or green building. Other costs may be related to design decisions. For example, not all LEED homes have solar panels, but installing these can certainly increase construction costs.  In Illinois, projects can achieve LEED Silver for around $120/square foot.

But the hard costs are pretty straightforward. For a typical single-family home certified through AES, single-family LEED costs run $2,500 – $3,000. Multi-family projects are eligible too, and can have a much lower cost per unit.  Contact us with questions, or SIGN UP TODAY!