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Building Research
AES has partnered with engineers, researchers and building science experts to actively engaged in researching advanced building technologies, and showing the triple bottom line benefits of green building that helps people, planet, and your profit. View AES Research.

Have a research project or idea that we can assist with? Please Contact AES

Building Certification Services

AES has helped thousands of owners, builders and architects to navigate the building certification process for both regional and national green building programs.

Energy Rater Services
AES can provide on-site energy audits and home performance verification. Learn more.

Green Rater Services
AES can provide on-site technical assistance, including the physical inspections and verifications often needed for residential green building certifications. Contact AES for a quote on this service.

Design Charrettes
Pre-planning is critically important when designing and constructing a green building. AES encourages projects to use integrated design, bringing key members of the project team together often in the schematic design phase to discuss the project, set goals and accountability, and solve potential problems up front rather than during construction when its often more costly.

AES QAD to lead Design Charrette (Meeting) for project team per LEED for Homes credit ID 1.4. Discuss strategies on a credit-by-credit basis. Outcome is a completed checklist ready for the Preliminary  Plan Review, as well as identifying credit responsibilities for those on the project team. Green Rater would typically be in attendance for about half of the meeting for EA & EQ credit discussions. Required time: [(1) 8-hour session or (2) 4-hour sessions or (1) 6-hour /(1) 2-hour session]

  • AES Office:
    • $1,500 / All Day
    • $750 / 4 Hours
    • Non Profit Rate – $1000 All day – $500 Half
    • Snacks & Drinks provided. Lunch is Extra
  • Off Site
    • Same fees + Portal to Portal @ .53/Mile
  • Web Conference – Fuze
    • $1,200 / All day
    • $ 600 / Half Day
    • Non Profit Rate – $800 All day – $400 Half Day

* Your local facilitator, Green Rater and/or LEED AP Homes may also provide this service and at a different pricing level. Please check with them as well.

**Grants are available to cover the costs of Design Charrettes for affordable housing please see our more details online at http://www.alliancees.org/2011/10/28/design-charrette-grants-for-leed-for-homes/

LEED Administration

As a LEED for Homes Provider, AES provides some of the verification services involved in a LEED project, but we can also assist with some of the administrative supporting documentation needed. AES can assist owners, builders or architects with the administration of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification process for various types of residential building projects, ranging from single-family, to multi-family buildings, up to mixed-use midrise buildings. Contact AES or Request a Quote for your project.

Enterprise Green Communities Technical Provider
 AES will guide your project teams from pre design to the post construction monitoring on a project to ensure Healthy, Affordable, Efficient and Durable construction practices are met along with verification of the Green Communities certification requirements.  Learn more here.

Design Reviews
A review of a building’s design provides building owners and stakeholders with an independent assessment of the building’s expected performance. AES can leverage our vast experience with high-performance homes to help you identify smart, cost-effective solutions for your project. Contact AES for a quote on this service.

Energy Modeling
Energy modeling allows owners and stakeholders to predict what energy-saving features will have the greatest impact on a planned or existing building’s overall performance.  Our energy modeling experts can assist you with your single-family or multi-family building to help optimize the project within your budget. Contact AES for a quote on this service.