MPGEH Home Energy & Health Assessment


How many MPG does your home get?

Find out! Your home will score between 0 and 70 MPG:

Under 20 – Your home is a “gas guzzler.”
30 to 40 – Your home performs decently well.
Over 50 – You have a high performing home!

The Miles Per Gallon for Existing Homes (MPGEH) Home Energy & Health Assessment provides a way to quickly understand where energy is being wasted in your home. This knowledge can help you increase your home’s efficiency and save you money.

How do we determine your score and help you save $?

Your home’s MPG score is determined by a qualified and trained home energy professional who will audit your home. The auditor will inspect and assess your home’s insulation quality, air and duct leakage, furnace, A/C system, water heater, lighting, appliances, doors, windows, and solar gain/shading.

Within 2-4 hours, the auditor will identify where you can improve energy efficiency in your home and save money. He or she will provide recommendations; you can give these to a professional contractor or start on the work yourself! When all desired upgrades are complete, the auditor will return to assess the work for accuracy and quality. This helps hold contractors accountable, and will ensure nothing was overlooked.

The auditor will also evaluate:

  • Indoor air quality and health concerns
  • Durability of the home
  • Water waste and water quality
  • Sustainable material selections for remodeling
  • Site and community impacts of landscaping

Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, if you are looking for a tool to make informed decisions, please fill out the interest form below. We will follow up with more information and a quote.


Energy Raters & Home Performance Auditors interested in using this MPGEH score tool in your next audit, click here.

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