The Pros And Cons Of Wireless And Wired Headphones


Headphones are indeed important accessories to many devices such as cellular phones, computers, laptops, tablets and even gaming consoles. It paves way for better experience with these sorts of things. It is because of that reason that people tend to spend money for it. Because of this reality, there are many producers of this product that look to add special features to convince buyers into purchasing what they have to offer. The next thing we know, we are being offered with products such as wireless headphones.

This particular line of accessory threatens to replace wired ones as others would say. Some, however, believe that those who are equipped with cables are still the best. With that being said, it is only fitting to learn a thing or few about the pros and cons of wireless and wired headphones. That way, buyers such as you will have an idea what edge to these products have over one another.

Wired headphones – a thing of the past?

There are some that might say that this particular type of headphone is obsolete. In fact, after reading some materials about its wireless counterparts such as Phaiser BHS-750 Bluetooth Headphones Runner Headset Sport Earphones, some might think that companies should stop making these because they will become just things of the past. However, there are still loyal customers that still believe that they are still the best type and they can outwork their modernized counterparts.


Pros of wired headphones

  1. They don’t require their own power source. This is one o the major advantages of wired headphones over wireless ones. If you will notice, majority of the later type has their own independent power source. That’s because they require certain micro devices to operate such as computer microchips to allow connectivity via various signals. Wired headphones don’t need these as they can function for as long as they are connected to a device.
  2. They don’t cost that much nowadays. Considering that some consider them to be obsolete, it is safe to assume that wired headphones come cheaper as compared to their modern version today. If you compare the amount of money you have to pay for these two items, you’ll see that you can save some of your cash by buying a wired headphone.
  3. They are easier to use. You just have to plug the jack of the headphone to the slot allotted for it in a certain device and you’ll be able to use them. As simple as that.


Cons of wired headphones

wired headphones

  1. They make movements limited. The amount of space to which you can move freely while using the headset is limited by the length of its wire or cable. That poses a problem for those who need to move around frequently.
  2. The wire can determine the life of the headphone. If you damage the wire of this particular type of headphone, the accessory might end up being useless at all. That’s one thing you need to watch out for from time to time.

Wireless headphones – the present and the future?

Wireless headphones gained so much popularity from the time they were introduced to the market. They were advertised in such a way that people would think to dump their wired ones and buy a new and better one. But are the positive remarks and comments about such product the only ones you should know?

Pros of wireless headphones

  1. They give you the freedom to move anytime you want while wearing them. The beauty about wireless headphones is that they are made in such a way that they can function even if they are not physically connected to a certain device. Even if your phone is on your pocket, this accessory can connect to it via bluetooth thus giving you the freedom to move around as much as you want.
  2. No wires to worry about. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable moving around with wireless headphones because there are no wires or cables to bother you. On top of that, you don’t have to limit your movements just to take good care of the cable because there are none.
  3. They can add up to your style and fashion. Whenever you see someone wearing a bluetooth headset, you sometimes say that it is kind of cool and stylish. Well, imagine if you are the one wearing such device right? It can certainly add up to your fashion and style.


Cons of wireless headphones

Phaiser Headphones

  1. They need their own power source to work. Unlike wired headphones, this type needs a power source to function. That is why some of these are made to be rechargeable. You need to charge them first before you can use them. Imagine if there is no power and its batteries run out. You cannot use them at all.
  2. They can be a bit pricey. Because they are considered state of the art and modern, wireless headphones can command higher selling price. Although, whether a person will spend money for such product or not depends on the decision making of the purchasing party, this is still considered to be one of the clear disadvantages of wireless headphones.
  3. They can sometimes irritate your ears. If your ears are not used to being exposed to hard objects for a long period of time, you will have problems with using wireless headphones. Keep in mind that most of these particular types are the in-ear type and that might jeopardize your comfort sometimes.

Understanding these will ultimately help you to decide if you will buy the traditional wired headphones or the modern wireless ones. Either way, what must remain your top priority is your comfort when using such accessory. Remember that you cannot enjoy using a headphone no matter how expensive it is or how stylish it is if it gives you discomfort. Also, you need to remember that this is not an actual need or necessity, but a want. Do not spend too much money for it but make sure that you don’t go for cheap ones just because you want to save up on some cash.

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